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7 Steps to a Killer Instagram Strategy

Are you struggling to create cut through on Instagram? Does your content seem to be resonating less with your followers? Are you struggling to keep up to date with the latest updates and innovations? Do you just need some help but don’t want to pay agency fees? Then the 7 Steps to a Killer Instagram Strategy session is for you.

We believe as brand or business, you or your direct team are the best people to run your Instagram feed – you know your business inside and out, so you need to own it. What we know about is Instagram. We want to share our industry experience, technical advice and practical tips to enable you to grow your business through the ‘Gram.

During this intimate session, we will talk your language and not tech jargon and will guide you through creating your strategy in a step-by-step format. We guarantee that you’ll leave this session with practical ways to optimise your Instagram channel for your business and the confidence to run your feed as a marketer would.

This session is perfect for those wanting to set up their brand on Instagram or for those already running a successful Instagram account, but are looking to take it to the next level.

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Here’s what you’ll learn

1. The technical bit

The insider knowledge on the Instagram algorithm, how to optimise your profile and create posts that cut through to your desired audience.

2. The purpose of having an Instagram channel

The who, what and most importantly the why of having Instagram. Understanding your audience and how Instagram fits with your other social media channels.

3. The way to establish your Instagram brand

The best way to brand your channel and content to represent your brand. Making sure your content looks ace and communicates your business personality.

4. The way to create killer content

The ‘how to’ section, where we will practically show you how to create visual content for your feed and stories.

5. The tools to make your life easier

The best free, and easy to use, apps and tools to make sure you’re bossing Instagram like a marketing pro.

6. The tactics to keep your community happy

The content creation is only half the battle – we’ll show you how to manage your social community, making sure you’re listening and responding to all of those people talking about your business.

7. The tips to run a successful Instagram channel

The insider knowledge from seasoned pros. We’ll show you how to check what’s working on your channel and how to continually optimise your efforts.

To put it simply, we’re super passionate about social media and we’re committed to helping you to take your business or personal channels to the next level…so bring a notepad and a pen and we’ll do the rest. You’ll leave the session feeling energised and excited about your social media marketing!

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