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Project Description

Miller & Carter Twitter strategy

Raising the steaks on Twitter

Miller and Carter raising the steaks


We worked with Miller & Carter to define the purpose of each of their social channels. We were aiming for a Twitter strategy that would continue to maximise audience engagement and move away from a one-way broadcast approach.

Understanding their audience on each channel, as well as the content formats and themes that resonated with these audiences, was key to developing our strategic solution for each social platform. We wanted our approach to be as reactive as the conversations happening on the channel, and not be restricted by typical sign-off processes.


Miller & Carter’s focus for their Twitter communications shifted significantly towards using user-generated content, heroing influencers and joining in with the conversations about their brand.

Using social listening techniques, we were able to delve into positive conversations about the brand and personally thank those that were talking positively about us. Our eagle-eyed community managers were given the autonomy to respond using branded personalised graphics, which were created reactively as the mentions happened.

Social listening
Community management
Content marketing strategy
Content design and production


In the first month of the new strategy we saw the following results:

  • Impressions increased by 66% vs the previous month
  • Mentions increased by 20%
  • Average sentiment for the channel is now 81%
Miller and Carter social 4
Miller and Carter social 3
Miller and Carter social 2

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